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We currently operate as a talent agency, not full time employment.  Opportunity depends on season, location and YOUR availability. Please fill the form at the bottom of the page and an agent will get back to you if we have castings in your area available.   

GOLFERS NEEDED!  Our current upcoming events are in need of females that golf and have their own golf clubs.  If you fit this criteria, please also email us separately ASAP with headline "Name - City - Golfer" 

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Frequently asked questions

How often would I work?

We have no set schedule. You are your own boss as an independent contractor, therefore you would review our agency casting calls and submit to the ones of your liking that you choose.

What do I wear as a caddie?

We do not have uniforms however the golf courses and country clubs have dress codes all on the golf course have to abide by. This is the rule of the venue which often includes a requirement of a collared polo shirt, no denim and nothing too revealing or short. You are required to bring and supply all of your own caddying tools or equipment. Many of our caddies bring the following with them when they caddie: *Sun protection- Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses *Divot Tool *Ball Marker *Towel *Water *Extra pencil for scorekeeping

How do I get booked more?

Again, we do operate as a talent agency. We have no control over how much you get booked and when. You, as your own business as a model and caddie, have the responsibility for providing the agency your resume and really great photos so we can push to get you booked by clients as much as possible. We always suggest: -Keeping up with our casting calls page -Submiting to gigs in a fast and timely fashion -Having a great portfolio of professional photos -Showing up to our free events, seminars or FAM Foundation initiatives is a great way to engage face to face with our group of agents that will remember you and help network you into more work!

How much money do I make and how do I get paid?

Our caddying jobs vary by state but the average round is $100 (4.5 hours) plus any gratuities if the client tips you. You are responsible for collecting your rate directly from the client that booked you. We do not pool gratuities. For modeling contracts- this is a case to case basis but we often do not refer or staff models for less than $25/hour or a set rate of $200-$250 per tradeshow day. This will depend on the model contracted, location, duration and client.

What is an independent contractor?

As a talent agency, it means you are only booked on a gig by gig basis with us, which means you are your own business entity. You will recieve a 1099 if you earned over $600 in a calendar year with our agency. You are responsible for claiming all income and any gratuities when filing your taxes.

Can I work with other modeling agencies or are you exclusive?

We recommend and even refer you to other agencies for tradeshow, promo, print, acting and modeling gigs. You are your business and we want you to thrive and we understand our gigs we offer is not full time employment.

How do I get trained?

We have no formal training required for any of the caddies on our roster. We do host free golf seminars, range days and free golf lessons in many of our major markets because we genuinely want to #GrowtheGame and we always can advise on how to be the best caddie possible.