Frequently asked questions

How do I reserve a caddie?

We will need tee times (we can book these for you gladly through our tee time partners) After that, we will have one of our agents work with you to discuss your booking and take your requests for specific caddies that are available that day. Reservations require a credit card on file for a deposit. Once we have all information of the event and your contact details, you will receive a list of available caddies to choose from and access to our roster photos.

Do we need to get additional golf carts, where does the caddie go?

This all depends on the golf course. If you have a full foursome, most courses will require an additional cart. The caddie can sometimes ride as a third in a cart or on the back of the cart. Just to be safe, we recommend anticipating having to pay for an additional cart directly to the golf course. This can range $10-$30 on average. Please do not put caddies in a cart alone without golfers, this is very unproductive.

What do you wear?

Golf attire! With country club dress codes, we keep it clean and professional. You may see many pictures on our website in less attire or swimsuits. This is solely for modeling promotions we staff or for the TCG Swimsuit Calendar. For non caddying events, the attire is TBA depending on event.

What golf courses do you work on?

We have caddied at hundreds of courses all over the USA from coast to coast. We have preferred courses we recommend that are caddie friendly and open to TCG! We also are partnered with tee time packagers that can put together your golf trip on solely caddie friendly courses that we are allowed on.

What do you do on the green?

If the course or tournament allows walking, we walk and carry bags (yes we have male certified caddies on staff) However, most of the courses here focus on volume and do not allow walking, so we forecaddie, carrying your clubs to and from you, keeping an eye on your ball, cleaning your clubs, driving carts, fixing divots, reading putts, tending the pin, finding the beer cart lady for you. We have an array of staff ranging from models that have light fore caddying experience to 6 handicap golfers on our team that are certified, bag carrying caddies for tournaments. We will tailor to your event or outing.

What is The Caddy Girls Cancellation and Booking Fee Policy?

The $49-$99 deposit per caddy or model booked is nonrefundable and will be charged at the time of the finalized booking. Once you have booked and confirmed your caddies, you can only receive a full refund of these fees in the event if the course closes to severe weather. If you cancel within 72 hours of the event 50% of the TOTAL fee will be charged to your credit card. If you cancel within 24 hours of the event we will charge the full amount (min of. $169 per caddy) as we still have to pay our staff for being scheduled the day of the round. We do our best to send the girls who were requested and originally set on the day of the booking, but this is never a guarantee as emergencies causing schedule changes do happen (very rarely). PSA: If your inquiry includes "I need a 5’5 brunette girl that loves beer and long walks on the beach, can you set this up please? Ill need many photos of each girl to comb over." We are not a dating service. Try See you on the greens!

Can I choose the caddy/model?

Yes, once we have your event information, contact information and a commitment from you- we will send a list of available caddies or models with photos for that particular event. Our staff is not on call 24-7 to be available on the fly. Book AHEAD and you will have many more options. Be respectful and understand ALL of our talent is attractive and looks great, thus why we pride ourselves as a reputable agency.

Need a quote for your tournament or event?  We send quotes within 24 hours of inquiry.  Email us HERE and include details so we can best accommodate your request.  

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